June 22, 2016:  Foul Legacy: The Children of Terrorism, The American Spectator

August 26, 2015:  A Tale of Two Societies: A legal Immigrant Who Became a Billionaire, The American Spectator

July 27, 2015:  Why My Son Doesn’t Date Jewish Girls, The Forward


March 12, 2016:   Launch of newly branded Nahmias Cipher Report website

The TNCR was started in 2009 and has transformed from a personal blog into an internationally recognized online media site with significant readership and social media followers. Unique in its reporting strategy, journalists are selected from university students and international journalist with a passion for human rights and global affairs. With the growth of the site and the expansion of the human rights activities, the TNCR was rebranded to provide readers and followers with a more navigable experience to enable them to explore the full range of media coverage and humanitarian work being completed.

December 6, 2015:    wmb marketing services launches ayanna nahmiias' speaking tour

WMB Marketing Services is currently booking national speaking engagements for Ayanna Nahmias. She brings her expertise to bear on human rights and equality of women in patriarchal societies while sharing personal life experiences to encourage audiences to persevere through their trials and tribulations. Her life as a child growing up in Africa, and the difficulties of being female in some African societies are prominently featured. Ayanna is represented by WMB Marketing Services who represented her exclusively for public speaking engagements and radio and television appearances. To discuss Ayanna's availability please contact Ms. Scribner at 314‐913‐1200.  

September 30, 2015:  Zimbabwe Farm Project Initiated

The Zimbabwe Farm Project started when my father died at the end of 2015. Though I had grown up in Africa and my formative years were spent in Nigeria and Tanzania, I had never visited Zimbabwe so, when I inherited the property after his death I decided to convert all four acres into a working farm. I had the land surveyed and appraised, assessed the state of the windmill, and razed his house, servant’s quarters, and the chicken coop. We hired a farmer and a caretaker, secured the property with fencing and guard dogs, purchased and installed sensor lights, then worked on getting the water flowing to irrigate the crops.

This season’s harvest of sugar beans and maize will be split, with a portion of the harvest being donated to feed the children of the local orphanage Future of Hope. In addition to this a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the remainder of the crop will be given to the Christon Bank Primary School so that they may purchase books and other supplies for the students. This project was started as a way to tangibly sow into the lives of others by providing employment, supporting education, and helping the next generation realize their potential by witnessing the value of giving.


Ayanna Nahmias and her mother, Annette McGee, were interviewed on Radio Netherlands Worldwide in a segment titled “The Resilience of Mothers.” They shared their traumatic story of near death at the hands of an abuser and their miraculous survival and escape in a segment of The State We’re In which highlights “first‐person stories from around the world about human rights, human wrongs and how we treat each other.”

Listen to her interview below with Jonathan Groubert, the host of the award-winning radio program, The State We’re In on Radio Netherlands Worldwide is association with National Public Radio (NPR).

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